Italian Soup


2 oz. Macaroni
2 quarts Water or Pot Boilings
2 Tomatoes
1 oz. Butter
2 oz. Cheese Rind


Put the water or stock on to boil. When it boils put in the macaroni and boil from twenty-five to thirty minutes. While it is boiling grate up a dry piece of cheese.

Put the tomatoes into boiling water and remove the skin, slice them and put them into a saucepan with the butter and some pepper and salt, and cook them for a few minutes. When the macaroni is soft, cut it into one inch long pieces, put a layer of tomatoes at the bottom of the soup tureen, then a layer of grated cheese, then one of macaroni; repeat this until all the ingredients are used.

Pour over it boiling the liquor in which the macaroni has been cooked, cover down for a few minutes, and serve.

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