Associate Degree in Culinary Arts

Do you want to further develop your creative skills in the kitchen? Do you feel that you want to pursue career in the culinary arts industry? If you have the skills and the right attitude to follow this path, getting an associate degree in culinary arts is your best option.


California School of Culinary Arts

The California School of Culinary Arts in the USA has partnered with the internationally acclaimed culinary institution Le Cordon Bleu. This institution is actually the leading authority on culinary techniques, training and development for more than a century now. Well, it is interesting to know that it is also for this partnership that the California School of Culinary Arts has been preferred by hundreds of people inside and outside California.


Manila Center for Culinary Arts

Formal education and training are essential in the success of one’s career in the food service industry. Your passion for cooking, whether you use it to build a career, manage your own restaurant, or simply to get more ideas and improve your skills, will be best enhanced if you study culinary arts programs in one of the many accredited culinary schools. There is no need to go to other places just to get the culinary education you need as there can be culinary schools within your area.

As for the Filipino people who, like any other people from around the world, love food and, of course, like to eat, a culinary school is an added help. The opening of the Cravings Bakeshop on October 16, 1988 gave way to the birth of The CCA or Center for Culinary Arts, Manila, Philippines which gave hope to all cooking enthusiasts to learning new ideas and approach to cooking.