Simple Sushi

To make sushi you will need these items from your kitchen:

  • A sharpened knife to cut fish and/or vegetables and a cutting board
  • A wooden ladle or spatula to work with rice
  • A sushi rolling mat, to roll sushi into desired shapes

Sushi Ingredients:

  • Sushi Rice or the sticky rice and medium or small-grained white rice is used to prepare this.
  • Rice Vinegar
  • Wasabi (it is a green-colored condiment prepared from horseradish)
  • Gari, which is a pickled ginger
  • Nori which are seaweeds but used as thin sheets after drying the weed
  • Soy Sauce
  • Vegetables including asparagus, carrots, celery, sprouts, lettuce, and one can add any vegetable.
  • Sushi-grade fish and even canned tunas are also good

Sushi Instructions:

Take a small sheet of nori place it on top of mat that rolls sushi. Add cooled vinegar-cooked rice on top of nori. Add little wasabi (optional). Add vegetables/tuna/sushi-grade raw fish on top of this. Do not over pile ingredients on to the roll. Then roll the sushi up and see that the roll is compressed and squeezed evenly to ensure good shape to your roll. Now cut the roll to desired number of pieces. You may even refrigerate the roll before cutting.

As you see it very easy to prepare sushi and once done you may enjoy sharing with your friends.

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