Rum Watermelon

Rum Watermelon

Watermelon with Rum

Ingredients for Rum Watermelon:.

1 Seedless Watermelon

1 1/2 cups of rum (increase or decrease as desired)

Instructions for Rum Watermelon:

Rinse the outer  rind of the watermelon thoroughly, and  pat  dry. Set the watermelon in a position so it will not roll over. Press the tip of a funnel through the rind of the melon.  If using  a plastic funnel, you may need to cut a hole.

Place the melon  on a towel in the bottom of the refrigerator or on the counter. Pour rum into the funnel a little at a time, refilling as it seeps into the melon.  I start the afternoon before, since  we usually leave to go to events in the morning.  Allow the melon  to marinate at least  a few hours, before removing the funnel. Slice just before serving.


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