Cajun Catfish Parmesan

Honey Spiced Cajun Chicken

cajun chicken

Ingredients for Honey Spiced Cajun Chicken :

Paul Prudhomynes seafood magic
10 oz. pounded chicken breast
Cooked linguini
3 sliced mushrooms
1 diced tomato
2 tbsp. mustard
4 tbsp. honey
3 oz. cream

Instructions for Honey Spiced Cajun Chicken:

Pat the chicken in the seasonings, then in a very hot fry pan; sear the chicken on both sides until it is done. Take chicken, slice, put back in pan with a little oil, the diced tomato and mushrooms for 2 minutes. Add the honey, mustard and cream. Cook for 5 minutes at medium heat. toss in linguini. Serves 2.

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