Healthy Recipes for Easter

Healthy Recipes for Easter

Here are some ways to make your Easter meals a little healthier:

Eggs are food that is high in protein and also a source of cholesterol and of course, are common at Easter, so here are some egg ideas. Scoop out the yolk from the eggs and allow the kids to eat the egg whites. Sprinkle with a bit of salt and pepper. The eggs can also be used to make deviled eggs.

Deviled eggs are a yummy addition to any Easter dinner. Since you boiled and decorated and hid all of those eggs, you now have to eat them. When making your filling for the egg white, try to cut the use of egg yolk by fifty percent. Mix with fat-free mayonnaise, a little vinegar and some mustard. Sprinkle the top with paprika.

So what about your dessert? One thing that is a staple of Easter is chocolate candy and those marshmallow bunnies called Peeps. Dessert alternatives can include:

  • Jell-O Easter eggs and bunnies
  • Dark chocolate spoons or candy bunnies
  • Low-fat carrot cake
  • Pudding with whipped cream

You can buy Jell-O molds or use cookie cutters. Mix your gelatin and then pour into the molds. Kids can shake, jiggle and then eat their treats.

Chocolate is not all bad. Darker chocolate contains more cocoa solids and has more of an antioxidant benefit. Create your own chocolate by melting dark chocolate and pouring on plastic spoons. Allow them to set. It makes a perfect sweet treat for children.

As for Easter cake, replace part of that flour in your carrot cake with whole wheat flour. You will have fewer calories. Also you can replace some of the oil with applesauce to cut the fat.

What about the main meal? Some people have ham or lamb. If you choose the lamb, get it from a butcher. Ask them to remove as much of the fat as they can, even going so far as to butterfly the piece of meat. Rub the outside with various herbs and even some olive oil before roasting.

Ham can be a salty dish. Opt instead for a roasted, glazed turkey breast or a whole roasted chicken. Want some pork in the dish? Cross a couple of pieces of bacon on the top as a tasty and decorative addition.

Wherever you can, try to trim the fat and calories from your favorite dishes at Easter. so you can enjoy the day and the food without putting on the weight.

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