Cranberry Orange Fruit Salad


2 (.6 oz.) pkgs. Sugar free cherry gelatin
2 C boiling water
1 (12 oz.) pkg. fresh cranberries
1 apple, peeled, cored and chopped
1 orange, peeled, seeded and chopped
1 (1 in.) piece of orange peel
1 (20 oz.) can crushed unsweetened pineapple with juice


Place the gelatin into a mixing bowl.
Add the boiling water and stir until the gelatin is dissolved.
Add the cranberries, apple, orange, orange peel and pineapple with the juice.
Stir until all the ingredients are blended together well and allow the mixture to cool slightly.
Place the gelatin mixture in batches into the blender and blend until coarsely chopped.
Transfer the mixture to a 13X9 pan.
Refrigerate 3 hours or until firm.

Makes 16 servings

This cool colorful gelatin salad is appealing to look at and it heaven to the taste buds. Fruit is a necessary part of a healthy diet and this salad has it all. Frozen cranberries may be used in place of the fresh cranberries if you wish. Turn this delightful dish into a dessert by topping it with your favorite light whipped topping.

Preparation Time: approximately 15 minutes
Chilling Time: approximately 3 hours
Total Time: approximately 3 hours 15 minutes

Nutritional Information: (approximate values per serving)
Calories 47; Fat 1g; Saturated Fat 0g; Carbohydrates 11g; Protein 2g; Fiber 0g;
Cholesterol 0 mg; Sodium 46 mg

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